My experience on CEH v11 Practical Exam, eJPT vs CEH (practical)

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Hello hackers. I’m Elman, and I want to let you know about my CEH (practical) certificate that I received last week and some questions that I have not had answers to before. While preparing for the exam, despite reading various articles, I could not draw a conclusion. Everyone had a different approach. I hope to put an end to this in this article.

eJPT vs CEH practical

In July, I received the eLearnSecurity Junior Penetration Tester (eJPT) certification. I have given detailed information about this in my article. You can read my post here.

When I was preparing for the Ceh (practical) exam, I had a question in my mind. Will it be easier or harder than eJPT? I finally found the answer. For me, ejPT was more comfortable. Look, I’m saying it was comfortable, I’m not saying it’s easy. Each exam has its own approach. If you are only a ctf player then eJPT will be convenient for you. Because of this:
1. You can take the eJPT exam on your local machine, but you take the CEH (practical) on the web virtual.
2. eJPT can be passed by solving ctf like this. Because it is an exam like ctf. However, CEH (practical) was a comprehensive exam. Stenography, wireshark packet analysis, encryption and decryption, etc.

However, I wouldn’t say it’s very difficult. Just because parrot (os) was on the web it was freezing. And it was stressing me out. There was no such problem in Windows. The reason I took CEH (practical) is because eJPT is still not very well known. So I thought it would be important in my career and I don’t regret it. Because it was so much fun. Even this stress gives a very good feeling when we get the certificate.

Let’s go to the exam now

If you do not know how to register for the exam, this article will be very useful for you.

Before the exam starts, exam proctor takes some measures. She asked me to turn my camera off and on when she said, she wanted to see the top of my desk (your desk should be empty), she wanted to see the corners of my room. In addition, he criticized me for reading the questions aloud during the exam. Everything else was good. The most important thing is that during the exam, do not drink too much water due to stress. Please note that you have a chance to take a break of 15 minutes in this exam.


A week before the exam, I downloaded the exam Windows tools and tested them one by one. You can download it here.

For how the tools work:

Cheat Sheet

First, let me say that you better have your own cheat sheet. You can watch videos and take notes. But I will give you some useful links that I have looked at their myself.

This is a very important note. You will see for yourself during the exam ;)

Anyway, that’s it. We have reached the end of an adventure. Try it and you will see the result. God willing, we will meet in the writing of the OSCP exam

Note: Don’t forget to write if you have any questions.

Good luck everyone!!!!